Casey + Michael | A Lakeside Engagement

Casey has always been the “hard to get” girl, never in a serious relationship, at least not one worth mentioning, until she met Michael. And even then, her hard to getness made her as hard to get as ever. Friendship quickly turned into more for both of the love birds, but neither one of them really cared to mention it, and when any mention of a relationship came up, they were quick to change the subject. So many times infect, that they almost passed each other by! Thank goodness they didn’t though! As I sat across the lake house dinner table from them, I could feel the amount of love they share for one another. Exchanged glances and sweet words, seemed to assure me that our shoot the next morning would be a breeze…and I was right.

When Casey and I met for coffee to talk about photos, she mentioned the idea of taking she and Michael’s engagement photos at her parent’s lake house, and I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. Planning for our epic weekend began to take shape, and we all knew we were going to have a blast. Casey and I share a fabulous friend who came along on the Dallas to Austin road trip with me, and the rest is history!

We woke up early on Saturday morning, and got to work…lucky for us, Austin held it’s heat for us, and even gave us some great diffused light! They wanted the shoot to be very laid back, and really convey the feeling of life on the lake. To top it off, Casey and Michael, well, they were super stars in front of the camera! I loved this shoot, and I loved this weekend. Let’s get real, I couldn’t be more grateful that the Lord gives me such fabulous clients.

Riding out on the lake with Casey’s fabulous mom and dad, Casey, Michael and Hannah was one of the highlights of my year. Do you ever have those moments when the Lord just totally speaks to you? I had one of those. I could not have seen this life that God has given me in my plans, but I am so grateful for the incredible opportunities, adventures, and friendships he has afforded me. I can only hope that there are many more in store!

Casey and Michael, I couldn’t be more anxious for your wedding!

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  • Linds - jenn- i think i may just be your biggest/creepiest friend. i stalk your blog all the time, and tell you how wonderful you are all the time. seriously i just love you and your gift with a little stalking on the side. and this shoot is incredible
    case and mike- Y’ALL LOOK AMAZING.. totally jealous over here! love you bothReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - hannah rigg is the cutest!ReplyCancel

  • Alanna Nason - One of my favorite engagement shoots!! I love everything about it..Your an amazzzing photographer:)ReplyCancel

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