Jourdin + Chris | Craft and Growler Engagement

J+C | Engaged-57

Prepare to fall in love with Jourdin + Chris. Easy going love doesn’t come around very often, and theirs is as easy as it gets. Hands meet effortlessly, Jourdins head finds Chris’ chest as naturally as her hearts knows to beat, and they can’t speak enough wonderful things about one another. Spending time with them at and around Craft and Growler was such a treat and I can’t wait for their wedding day!

J+C | Engaged-62 J+C | Engaged-55 J+C | Engaged-78 J+C | Engaged-66 J+C | Engaged-73 J+C | Engaged-50 J+C | Engaged-39 J+C | Engaged-16 J+C | Engaged-11 J+C | Engaged-31 J+C | Engaged-3 J+C | Engaged-4 J+C | Engaged-1 J+C | Engaged-95 J+C | Engaged-85 J+C | Engaged-87 J+C | Engaged-83 J+C | Engaged-119 J+C | Engaged-116 J+C | Engaged-104 J+C | Engaged-98 J+C | Engaged-109 J+C | Engaged-121 J+C | Engaged-106 J+C | Engaged-108 J+C | Engaged-141 J+C | Engaged-150 J+C | Engaged-124 J+C | Engaged-134 J+C | Engaged-118

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