Lissa + Michael | An Okoboji Iowa Wedding

Lissa and Michael went to the same junior high. Lissa was always one of the girls that could steal your breath away, and as soon as Michael showed up on the scene as “the new kid” it didn’t take him long to notice. In fact, it wasn’t very long at all until he asked Lissa out in true junior high boy fashion. Sadly, Lissa thought he was “weird” and turned him down…repeatedly…until college. It isn’t far fetched to say that Michael knew Lissa was “the one”, the moment he laid eyes on her, I have never seen a groom look at his bride the way Michael did on their wedding day, and something tells me, he had been dreaming of their wedding day since he spotted Lissa by her locker. Lissa’s childhood best friend and Mom always knew she would marry him. In fact, they would secretly invite him to come along to parties and things, hoping that Lissa might return his feelings one day. They knew he was the one and I for one, am so glad they were right.

When Lissa emailed me about shooting her wedding, I was overjoyed! Lissa and I worked at Pine Cove together, and for a good portion of the summer, she was my saving grace and my sanity. She has this way about her that encourages without trying, many days I didn’t even vocalize my feelings, and Lissa always seemed to know just what to say to make everything ok. She is incredible…so naturally, when she spoke about boys from home during the summer, I was skeptical that any of them were good enough, until she mentioned Michael. She lit up when she talked about him…I don’t think she was ready to admit then, but she knew…she knew that she was going to marry him.

I had the opportunity to fly up north to Iowa for their gorgeous wedding last month…and must admit that I had a weekend long love affair with that beautiful, hilly, corn covered state. Sorry Texas! I love you! Anywho…on to the photos! The real reason you’re here anyway!

Lissa and Michael opted for a first look, which is always a plus in my book! They knew how stress free the day would flow if we had the chance to do all of the photos before the ceremony, and I am so glad they did! Their first look was magical to say the least.

You all met the bridal party in my previous post, needless to say… I was and still am obsessed with Lissa and Michael’s friend selection. They were down for anything, and had so many ideas of their own as well….LOVE them!

The day before the wedding, the girls spent the afternoon making their own bouquets, and their groomsman’s boutonniere’s with Lissa’s favorite gerber daisies and the flower’s she picked from the fields with her mom that morning. I love everything about a DIY bride.

The ceremony was held at a summer camp near Lissa’s families lake house. She has loved that camp since she was a girl and may or may not have thought about booking the venue before she had a ring on her hand. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

When Lissa turned the corner of the aisle, the whole room was brought to tears…here’s why.

The ceremony was full of worship and praise…and it couldn’t have been better. After the ceremony, we headed out to the docks with a bubble send off to get on one of the most beautiful boats I’ve ever seen! The “Duchess 2” was our floating chariot to the reception across the lake…and I am still so smitten by this part of the day.

Did I mention we made the centerpieces too? Yeah…DIY bride and bridesmaids of the year! It looked incredible!

In Iowa, air conditioning isn’t a necessity in buildings (how nice). AND when it gets a little hot? No problem, just take the party outside!

Lissa and Michael, you two a wonderful beyond words. I am so blessed to be your friend and to have played a role in your big day! Thank you for trusting me, and bringing me up to Iowa!

Friends and family, click here to check out ALL of the photos from the weekend and the big day! You can even grab some prints of your own!

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  • Meagan Reynolds - These might be my favorite ever. I have never wanted to move to Iowa – I mean, who lives in Iowa? – Obviously geniuses do. No air conditioning needed? Yes, please!

    I loved everything about these Jen. Her braid was awesome, the colors so muted and cool, the venue was beautiful! I even teared up when I saw the groom crying! And I LOVE the photo near the beginning when you made everything white except them. So cool! I might stalk these for a while…ReplyCancel

  • Lissa Lecy - I must admit that I look at this post at least once a day. We were so blessed by you not only for the pictures, but also for your presence the whole wedding weekend. But lets be real… we couldn’t have asked for better pictures ever. I think everyone who has looked through them has cried :).ReplyCancel

  • Gale Wilson - This is story book perfect! Simply elegant and filled with great emotion. It’s difficult to “capture” unconditional love…I believe you did!ReplyCancel

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