Macy | All White Bridal Session

2_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-2I cannot get over how beautiful this all white bridal session with Macy turned out!  It is so incredible to have a vision for something and finally see it come to reality.  When I first met Macy over a year ago, one of my very first thoughts was “Wow! She is strikingly beautiful!” and I was secretly hoping that I would get to do photos for her one day, so as you can imagine it was surreal to have that come to fruition!

My other thought was “She has INCREDIBLE style!” I’ve never seen someone pull off the outfits that Macy would show up in as well as she does. So, it wasn’t a surprise that she would have that same discernment with her gown and styling, she was a vision! She wanted something super clean and “kinfolk” inspired for her bridal session, so shooting in a studio fit the bill. I knew we needed to make an impact, so we decided to let her beauty do the talking, keeping everything white and neutral.  This allowed us to really showcase the dress using only muted colour in the floral bouquet.  From head to toe, Macy’s beauty is evident and she is graceful and from the inside out.  Thank you Macy for allowing me to capture this all white bridal session for you!

5_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-10 4_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-9-2 6_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-11-2 1_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-1 7_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-13 8_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-14-2 12_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-22 3_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-8 13_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-23 11_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-20-2 14_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-24 15_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-25 20_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-34 16_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-27 17_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-28 18_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-32-2 19_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-33 30_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-68 21_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-38 22_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-42 24_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-49 35_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-82 25_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-53 27_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-57 26_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-55 29_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-66 32_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-75-2 36_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-83 34_Macy-All-White-Bridal-Session-78-2

Wedding Gown: Made with Love Bridal | Gown Retailer: A and Be Bridal Salon | Studio: The Belmont Studio

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