Meggie + Matt | Westin Stonebriar Wedding

Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-340

Meggie + Matt are a true treasure. I would be robbing you all of one of my favorite love stories in a long time if I didn’t recap theirs for you…

When these two met eyes in a grocery store for the first time, Meggie knew she had to know Matt. She purposely went down aisles that she didn’t need to go down, smiled his direction, and even had the guts to say “hi!”. Matt, however, was a little taken back and hesitant to stick his neck out on the line just yet. You see, he had just moved to Dallas and was just hitting the ground running when this brunette bombshell set her gaze in his direction. It wasn’t until she made her intentions clear in the parking lot that Matt knew he needed to make his move…and he wouldn’t, until they were stopped at the same red light. Windows down, lights turning green and people waiting, Matt asked Meggie for her phone number and the rest is history.

They tied the knot a few short weeks ago and it was a truly gorgeous Westin Stonebriar Wedding. Touches of fall, sentimental details, and Meggie and Matt SO in love made for a truly incredible wedding day…

Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-219 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-141 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-229 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-161 meggie Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-243 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-253 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-235 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-260 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-268 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-273 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-280 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-285 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-296 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-301 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-170 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-346 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-311 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-309 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-345 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-377 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-379 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-395 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-415 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-401 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-425 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-410 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-327 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-328 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-365 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-358 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-559 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-561 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-604 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-625 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-580 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-587 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-606 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-617 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-643 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-675 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-711 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-703 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-693 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-526 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-498 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-504 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-773 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-781 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-807 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-758 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-841 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-922 Mr. + Mrs. Francisco-940

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