Beau | Bridal-77 Beau | Bridal-203 Beau | Bridal-130 Beau | Bridal-59 Beau | Bridal-104 Beau | Bridal-161 Beau | Bridal-13 Beau | Bridal-54 Beau | Bridal-11 Beau | Bridal-134 Beau | Bridal-204 Beau | Bridal-141 Beau | Bridal-151 Beau | Bridal-110 Beau | Bridal-29 Beau | Bridal-43 Beau | Bridal-107 Beau | Bridal-25 Beau | Bridal-157 Beau | Bridal-50 Beau | Bridal-98 Beau | Bridal-90 Beau | Bridal-16 Beau | Bridal-100 Beau | Bridal-148 Beau | Bridal-95 Beau | Bridal-23 Beau | Bridal-48 Beau | Bridal-7 Beau | Bridal-76 Beau | Bridal-165

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  • Julie Wilmes - JENNEFER. WOW! These are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Hollis - This is the most stunning bridal shoot I’ve ever seen. It is SO high fashion with the depth of neutrals and that STUNNING flower bouquet. You’ve really outdone yourself!! Of course, it totally helps the girl is as beautiful as the other details, but just… Wow. The whole thing is so perfectly executed!!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda - These photos are absolutely stunning! So very beautiful!! Very inspirational 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gale Wilson - I think you may have outdone yourselves on this one! Breath taking, absolutely amazing….this one needs to be submitted “somewhere”….Hall of Fame of Photographs! I don’t know but so lovely! Well done!ReplyCancel

DFW Wedding Photographer

 Sarah + Michael met in SMU business school, and fell in love in one of their many classes they had together. She is from Massachusetts and he is from St. Louis, making them the proof of how perfect a love story can turn out to be when you let faith do the work. He would walk her to and from class, while she fell more in love with his smile and sense of humor and he, with her flawless beauty and perfect intention. It was on that same path they walked every day where Michael would get down on one knee and ask the most beautiful girl in the world to be his forever hand to hold. She said yes…

Sarah + Michael | Engaged-36 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-26 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-14 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-35 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-24 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-33 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-11 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-63 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-43 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-59 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-55 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-32 DFW Wedding Photographer Sarah + Michael | Engaged-62 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-6 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-68 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-74 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-27 Jennefer Wilson Sarah + Michael | Engaged-126 DFW Wedding Photographer Sarah + Michael | Engaged-95 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-112 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-169 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-105 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-158 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-135 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-173 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-129 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-142 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-116 DFW Wedding Photographer Sarah + Michael | Engaged-119 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-165 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-168 Sarah + Michael | Engaged-103 DFW Wedding Photographer

DFW Wedding Photographer

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  • Gale Wilson - AWE! PERFECT! What a sweet couple! Great job!ReplyCancel

Mary + Austin | Wedding-14

Time is the proof of change, the ever constant gauge of progress and new opportunity. But time, when paired with faith, becomes a testimony.

Austin and Mary met in college. They were friends for years and never anything more. Different chapters in their lives were open and certainly not available to the love story that would eventually unfold. But time passed, as usual, and chapters closed, changing both Austin and Mary’s circumstances and hearts. Tear filled prayers soon turned into tear filled “thank you’s”, because God brought these two together in His perfect timing.  “When you know, you know” was never more true than it was for these two. She said “yes” and two and half months later, they said “I do.” The testimonies of friends and family on their wedding day were filled with “He is everything we always prayed for.” and “I couldn’t have dreamt up a match more perfect for Him.”  You can’t hurry a love like theirs, although their engagement length may differ, I think I speak for everyone when I say that God has been at work in and for Austin and Mary for quite some time.

Mary + Austin | Wedding-17 Mary + Austin | Wedding-23 Howell Family Farms Howell Family Farms Mary + Austin | Wedding-36 Mary + Austin | Wedding-32 Mary + Austin | Wedding-40 Mary + Austin | Wedding-42 Mary + Austin | Wedding-47 Howell Family Farms Mary + Austin | Wedding-53 Mary + Austin | Wedding-62 Mary + Austin | Wedding-69 Mary + Austin | Wedding-74 Mary + Austin | Wedding-76 Mary + Austin | Wedding-96 Mary + Austin | Wedding-127 Mary + Austin | Wedding-111 Mary + Austin | Wedding-115 Mary + Austin | Wedding-191 Howell Family Farms Mary + Austin | Wedding-268 Mary + Austin | Wedding-271 Mary + Austin | Wedding-282 Mary + Austin | Wedding-198 Mary + Austin | Wedding-203 Mary + Austin | Wedding-190 Mary + Austin | Wedding-351 Mary + Austin | Wedding-359 Mary + Austin | Wedding-408 Mary + Austin | Wedding-565 Mary + Austin | Wedding-589 Mary + Austin | Wedding-440 Mary + Austin | Wedding-454-2 Mary + Austin | Wedding-177 Mary + Austin | Wedding-494 Mary + Austin | Wedding-512 Mary + Austin | Wedding-567 Mary + Austin | Wedding-582

Howell Family Farms

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  • Gale Wilson - What a beautiful couple! I could actually feel their excitement!ReplyCancel