If she is in his arms, everything in the world is right.

Ally and Trent couldn’t be more perfectly matched. Separate, they are incredible. But together, everything makes sense, their eyes light up, their joy is infectious, and all that makes them wonderful separately is made better. Together, everyone can’t help but fall a little more in love, be a little more thankful, laugh a little harder and hold on a little tighter. There are few things in the world more wonderful than couples like this.

Their Belo Mansion wedding day was one of a dream. Rarely does a wedding day come together as perfectly as this one. Surrounded by some of the most loving people we have ever been privileged to celebrate with, Ally + Trent said “I do” and made everyone believe a little more in “happily ever after.”

Congratulations, Ally + Trent! We were so incredibly blessed to photograph your beautiful day. We are praying Gods biggest and best for you guys! Thank you again for sharing a little piece of your wonderful love with us.

– Michael + Jennefer

IMG_9428 IMG_9446 IMG_9405 IMG_9634 IMG_9451 IMG_9432 IMG_9517 IMG_9524 Belo Mansion Wedding IMG_9653 IMG_9621 IMG_9668 IMG_9724 IMG_9719 IMG_9835 IMG_9903 IMG_9825 IMG_9944 Belo Mansion Wedding IMG_0079 IMG_0111 IMG_9612 IMG_0172 IMG_9808 IMG_0226 IMG_9651A Belo Mansion Wedding IMG_0237 IMG_0508 IMG_0303 IMG_0333 IMG_9769 IMG_0156A IMG_0526 IMG_0658 IMG_0704 IMG_0829 IMG_0831 IMG_0837

Gown – Martina Liana at Patsy’s Bridal

Shoes – Kate Spade

Florals – The Wildflower

Bridesmaid Dresses – Andrew Adela at Stardust Celebrations

Groom and Groomsman Attire – Vera Wang 

Ceremony – First United Methodist Church of Dallas

Reception – The Belo Mansion

Cake – Frosted Art

Wedding Band – The Royal Dukes (They were INCREDIBLE, Y’ALL!)

Paper Goods – Stamped Paper Co.

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Keenan + Tate-49

I don’t know if there is a perfect way to describe how much Tate and Keenan love each other, but every once in a while we have the honor of photographing a couple that makes our job so easy, all we have to do is sit back and watch them do what they do best…  They affirm each other, make each other laugh and hold each other close. Tate shelters Keenan in his arms as if they’ve always been waiting to hold her, and she lucks up and smiles because she knows it is where she belongs.

Tate and Keenan, we are so honored to be your photographers! Thank you for inviting us into such an incredible time of your lives, we cannot wait for the big day!

Keenan + Tate-61 Keenan + Tate-55 Keenan + Tate-67 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-42 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-78 Keenan + Tate-75 Keenan + Tate-84 Keenan + Tate-91 Keenan + Tate-82 Keenan + Tate-89 Keenan + Tate-98 Keenan + Tate-113 Keenan + Tate-127 Keenan + Tate-116 Keenan + Tate-135 Keenan + Tate-130 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-137 Keenan + Tate-145 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-215 Keenan + Tate-148 Keenan + Tate-160 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-164 Keenan + Tate-199 Keenan + Tate-193 Dallas Wedding Photographer Keenan + Tate-184 Keenan + Tate-194 Keenan + Tate-187

Jennefer Wilson – Dallas Wedding Photographer


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Colby + Brad | Wedding-452

Every little girl dreams of her prince charming. She lies awake at night, dreaming of what he will look like, what he will be like…and every once in a while, these dreams come true. Colby dreamed of marrying a “Pine Cove” boy ever since she fell in love the camp counselors when she attended Pine Cove as a camper. Her sister is quick to remind her of how many types of Pine Cove counselor she pined after as she grew up, little did they know that God had made the perfect mix of them all in Brad. Colby and Brad were both counselors at Pine Cove Outback (where we all worked for a few summers) and had no idea that they would fall in love one day. It wasn’t until they both moved to Fort Worth for nursing school and ran into each other near the bananas in Target that their love story began to unfold…

These two tied the knot on the border of Texas and Arkansas on a gorgeous spring day that couldn’t have been more perfect. Surrounded by their dearest loved ones, these two said “I do” and danced the night away. Michael and I couldn’t have been more blessed to be a part of such a special day.

Colby + Brad | Wedding-25 Colby + Brad | Wedding-64 Colby + Brad | Wedding-7 Colby + Brad | Wedding-74 Colby + Brad | Wedding-114 Colby + Brad | Wedding-137 Colby + Brad | Wedding-84 Colby + Brad | Wedding-150 Colby + Brad | Wedding-164 Colby + Brad | Wedding-165 Colby + Brad | Wedding-298 Colby + Brad | Wedding-300 Colby + Brad | Wedding-323 Colby + Brad | Wedding-344 Colby + Brad | Wedding-384 Colby + Brad | Wedding-406 Colby + Brad | Wedding-371 Colby + Brad | Wedding-401 Colby + Brad | Wedding-373 Colby + Brad | Wedding-390 Colby + Brad | Wedding-450 Colby + Brad | Wedding-425 Colby + Brad | Wedding-438 Colby + Brad | Wedding-448 Colby + Brad | Wedding-428 Colby + Brad | Wedding-442 Colby + Brad | Wedding-435 Colby + Brad | Wedding-432 Colby + Brad | Wedding-447 Colby + Brad | Wedding-461 Colby + Brad | Wedding-509-2 Colby + Brad | Wedding-493-2 Colby + Brad | Wedding-554 Colby + Brad | Wedding-825 Colby + Brad | Wedding-828 Colby + Brad | Wedding-845 Colby + Brad | Wedding-846 Colby + Brad | Wedding-856-2 Colby + Brad | Wedding-860-2

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  • Jacob - These turned great Jennefer! It was a blessing and honor to take part in this special day for such a wonderful couple!ReplyCancel

Bishop Arts District engagement

If there are two sweeter people in the world than Kayla and Sam, I would have a hard time believing that they are real. Kayla has the most kind heart, she is generous, thoughtful, humble…the list goes on and on. And Sam, he deserves a girl like Kayla, and I think that says a lot about him. More than all of this, they are head over heels over head in love with each other. They finish each others sentences, pull each other in close for hugs on a whim and I’ve never seen a guy who can make the girl he loves laugh as often as Sam can. Their Bishop Arts District engagement was one for the books and I can hardly wait for their October wedding!

Kayla + Sam-25 Kayla + Sam-22 Kayla + Sam-5 Kayla + Sam-49 Kayla + Sam-29 Kayla + Sam-37 Kayla + Sam-26 Kayla + Sam-13 Kayla + Sam-39 Bishop Arts District engagement Kayla + Sam-44 Kayla + Sam-51 Kayla + Sam-60 Kayla + Sam-62 Kayla + Sam-66 Kayla + Sam-78 Kayla + Sam-67 Kayla + Sam-76 Kayla + Sam-93 Kayla + Sam-105 Kayla + Sam-91 Kayla + Sam-99 Kayla + Sam-109 Kayla + Sam-114 Kayla + Sam-115 Kayla + Sam-124 Kayla + Sam-132 Bishop Arts District engagement Kayla + Sam-121 Kayla + Sam-133 Kayla + Sam-135 Kayla + Sam-125 Kayla + Sam-130 Kayla + Sam-142

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  • Kayla - Since the moment we got engaged, I’ve fallen in love with Jennefer’s photos. Week after week, I just adore each new blog post. Today it’s US 🙂 and boy do we love, love, LOVE each and every photo. Jennefer is just simply amazing and we had the best time spending the afternoon shooting with her. Absolutely cannot wait for October!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Laffoon - Oh my goodness I love this session! So lovely! I feel like I get a sense of who they are as a couple. Stunning!ReplyCancel

Alexis | Senior-54

I love a girl with ambition…even more than that, I love a girl that chases her dreams and isn’t afraid to love others well along the way. Alexis has HUGE dreams, y’all. And if anyone can reach them, I believe she can. Her heart, talent, kindness, intelligence, honesty and drive will get her anywhere she would like to go. Not to mention, the support of her incredible family. Spending an evening with Alexis and her mom was an incredible gift and I was so honored to capture these memories for them. 🙂 Watch out Aggies, you’ve got a wonderful girl headed your way!

Alexis | Senior-72 Alexis | Senior-39 Alexis | Senior-58 Alexis | Senior-77 Alexis | Senior-84 Alexis | Senior-87 Alexis | Senior-66 Alexis | Senior-73 Alexis | Senior-76 Alexis | Senior-89 Alexis | Senior-122 Alexis | Senior-101 Alexis | Senior-108 Alexis | Senior-105 Alexis | Senior-133 Alexis | Senior-111 Alexis | Senior-117 Alexis | Senior-143 Alexis | Senior-151 Alexis | Senior-154 Alexis | Senior-146 Alexis | Senior-153 Alexis | Senior-162 Alexis | Senior-163 Alexis | Senior-150 Alexis | Senior-173 Alexis | Senior-197 Alexis | Senior-176 Alexis | Senior-214 Alexis | Senior-219 Alexis | Senior-215 Alexis | Senior-222 Alexis | Senior-209 Alexis | Senior-221

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