Bishop Arts District engagement

If there are two sweeter people in the world than Kayla and Sam, I would have a hard time believing that they are real. Kayla has the most kind heart, she is generous, thoughtful, humble…the list goes on and on. And Sam, he deserves a girl like Kayla, and I think that says a lot about him. More than all of this, they are head over heels over head in love with each other. They finish each others sentences, pull each other in close for hugs on a whim and I’ve never seen a guy who can make the girl he loves laugh as often as Sam can. Their Bishop Arts District engagement was one for the books and I can hardly wait for their October wedding!

Kayla + Sam-25 Kayla + Sam-22 Kayla + Sam-5 Kayla + Sam-49 Kayla + Sam-29 Kayla + Sam-37 Kayla + Sam-26 Kayla + Sam-13 Kayla + Sam-39 Bishop Arts District engagement Kayla + Sam-44 Kayla + Sam-51 Kayla + Sam-60 Kayla + Sam-62 Kayla + Sam-66 Kayla + Sam-78 Kayla + Sam-67 Kayla + Sam-76 Kayla + Sam-93 Kayla + Sam-105 Kayla + Sam-91 Kayla + Sam-99 Kayla + Sam-109 Kayla + Sam-114 Kayla + Sam-115 Kayla + Sam-124 Kayla + Sam-132 Bishop Arts District engagement Kayla + Sam-121 Kayla + Sam-133 Kayla + Sam-135 Kayla + Sam-125 Kayla + Sam-130 Kayla + Sam-142

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  • Kayla - Since the moment we got engaged, I’ve fallen in love with Jennefer’s photos. Week after week, I just adore each new blog post. Today it’s US 🙂 and boy do we love, love, LOVE each and every photo. Jennefer is just simply amazing and we had the best time spending the afternoon shooting with her. Absolutely cannot wait for October!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Laffoon - Oh my goodness I love this session! So lovely! I feel like I get a sense of who they are as a couple. Stunning!ReplyCancel

Alexis | Senior-54

I love a girl with ambition…even more than that, I love a girl that chases her dreams and isn’t afraid to love others well along the way. Alexis has HUGE dreams, y’all. And if anyone can reach them, I believe she can. Her heart, talent, kindness, intelligence, honesty and drive will get her anywhere she would like to go. Not to mention, the support of her incredible family. Spending an evening with Alexis and her mom was an incredible gift and I was so honored to capture these memories for them. 🙂 Watch out Aggies, you’ve got a wonderful girl headed your way!

Alexis | Senior-72 Alexis | Senior-39 Alexis | Senior-58 Alexis | Senior-77 Alexis | Senior-84 Alexis | Senior-87 Alexis | Senior-66 Alexis | Senior-73 Alexis | Senior-76 Alexis | Senior-89 Alexis | Senior-122 Alexis | Senior-101 Alexis | Senior-108 Alexis | Senior-105 Alexis | Senior-133 Alexis | Senior-111 Alexis | Senior-117 Alexis | Senior-143 Alexis | Senior-151 Alexis | Senior-154 Alexis | Senior-146 Alexis | Senior-153 Alexis | Senior-162 Alexis | Senior-163 Alexis | Senior-150 Alexis | Senior-173 Alexis | Senior-197 Alexis | Senior-176 Alexis | Senior-214 Alexis | Senior-219 Alexis | Senior-215 Alexis | Senior-222 Alexis | Senior-209 Alexis | Senior-221

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Rylie | Senior-22

It isn’t every day that you meet a girl who is as beautiful as she is smart…until you meet Rylie. She is going to be a chemical engineer. WHAT? Yeah, and to top it all off I’ve come to know that she is an incredible friend and daughter too. She speaks highly of everyone she loves and the most sincere compliments about her closest friends come out when we are together…she is keeper. Getting to know Rylie through my senior rep program has been a highlight of our year and I know Oklahoma has no idea what a gem they are gaining this fall.

Rylie | Senior-11 Rylie | Senior-26 Rylie | Senior-12 Rylie | Senior-24 Rylie | Senior-19 Rylie | Senior-15 Rylie | Senior-43 Rylie | Senior-32 Rylie | Senior-38 Rylie | Senior-2 Rylie | Senior-21-1 Rylie | Senior-28 Rylie | Senior-54 Rylie | Senior-49 Rylie | Senior-53 Rylie | Senior-50 Rylie | Senior-64 Rylie | Senior-76 Rylie | Senior-75 Rylie | Senior-82 Rylie | Senior-92 Rylie | Senior-81 Rylie | Senior-86 Rylie | Senior-98 Rylie | Senior-95 Rylie | Senior-91 Rylie | Senior-97 Rylie | Senior-107 Rylie | Senior-115 Rylie | Senior-126 Rylie | Senior-124 Rylie | Senior-104 Rylie | Senior-130 Rylie | Senior-134 Rylie | Senior-121 Rylie | Senior-129 Rylie | Senior-140 Rylie | Senior-138

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Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-222

It isn’t often that a bride sends me a love story… I thought you all may enjoy to hear it too…

Daniel was born and raised in Taiwan, where his parents were missionaries for 30 years. Melissa was born and raised in Austin, TX. They both have a heart for brining The Gospel to the world and met in training to go be missionaries in two completely different countries, Lebanon and China.  Daniel was planning on setting off for China in June 2013 and Melissa was headed for Lebanon in September 2013…or so they thought.
During schooling for their separate journeys, Melissa told a friend “I would be interested in Daniel if he wasn’t going to China.” when asked if she had any interest in anyone from their class. She found him “hilarious, kind and intriguing” but not near enough to alter her plans. Daniel also noticed Melissa but dismissed any thoughts of a relationship because it was too impractical. With his 2 years of studying chinese, and her heart for the middle east, this was just too far-fetched for this to work out. But, come Christmas break, Melissa’s “interest” started to evolve into “a crush”.
 In January a small portion of their class took a 2.5 week outreach to The Middle East. On that trip Melissa decided she really liked Daniel, and the prospect of us moving to two different continents, and not seeing each other for years began to break her heart! But she felt like The Lord was saying just to wait it out. She also found out on this trip that the team she was supposed to be joining in Lebanon was relocating, so that was throwing a big wrench in her plans. They got back from the middle east, and finished their last few weeks of training school. Their group of single friends had gotten really close, and spent tons of time together when they got back, it eventually became clear to Melissa that Daniel was interested in her too. But Melissa figured they’d never say anything about it, and go their separate ways. On February 15th, Melissa got a voicemail from Daniel, while in a meeting with her pastors about where else in the Middle East she was going to move. She got home, freaked out, and called him back. He asked if he could drive to Belton, “I have something I want to talk to you about.” 45 minutes later they were sitting on her couch, and he was asking her out on our first date.
They both put their overseas plans on hold, and started officially dating a few weeks later. Their classmates raised support and moved overseas, and shifted gears in a huge way, and Melissa and Daniel settled into dating. Melissa moved to Waco so they could be in the same city last summer. And on February 15, 2014, he asked her to marry him.
They will probably be moving overseas in a year and a half to only The Lord knows where. But they are so thankful that He hijacked their plans!
This wedding. This wedding was the most God glorifying wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. The Saturday before Easter, a gathering of Melissa and Daniels closest friends came to celebrate what The Lord has done in their relationship, worship together and spend time praying over their marriage under a beautiful tree in the middle of a field. I’ve never cried more in a wedding and the freedom and presence of God was so apparent, Michael and I even spent time to join in with them in praise of our incredible God. You’ll see…I think you’ll feel a bit of what we felt that day…

Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-294 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-257 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-208 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-259 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-228 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-209 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-254 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-214 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-224 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-93 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-96 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-167 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-171 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-114 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-100 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-273 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-278 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-20-2 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-302 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-388 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-421 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-440 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-465 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-425 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-446 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-508 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-314 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-516 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-536 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-486 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-550 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-558 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-579 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-572 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-588 Melissa + Daniel | Wedding-593

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  • Laura - BEAUTIFUL! beautiful Melissa, beautiful couple, wedding and story.. and everything. Can’t wait to see how God prospers their life and marriage. Great pics!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Thanks so much Jennefer!! We were humbled and honored by the words you wrote here. We were so blessed to have you be a part! LOVE you work and can’t wait to have these pictures to remember this day for the rest of our lives! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tori Watson - love this! i know the bride (because she’s good friends with one of my good friends) and it looks like you captured their day just perfectly. 🙂ReplyCancel

McKenzie | Senior-66

Classic cars + a gorgeous beauty = One of the most fun shoots ever

McKenzie has been such a joy to have on my senior rep team. She is such an encouraging, kind, thoughtful, smart and stunning girl and I’ve been so blessed to get to know her this year. When she mentioned that she would like to do her session with her Grandpas truck and her dads Corvette I knew it was going to be a dream…I was right!

McKenzie | Senior-2 McKenzie | Senior-3 McKenzie | Senior-8 McKenzie | Senior-37 McKenzie | Senior-15 McKenzie | Senior-35 McKenzie | Senior-23 McKenzie | Senior-76 McKenzie | Senior-46 McKenzie | Senior-20 McKenzie | Senior-31 McKenzie | Senior-54 McKenzie | Senior-50 McKenzie | Senior-45 McKenzie | Senior-63 McKenzie | Senior-52 McKenzie | Senior-29 McKenzie | Senior-69 McKenzie | Senior-99 McKenzie | Senior-90 McKenzie | Senior-79 McKenzie | Senior-119 McKenzie | Senior-108 McKenzie | Senior-115 McKenzie | Senior-126 McKenzie | Senior-143 McKenzie | Senior-124 McKenzie | Senior-147 McKenzie | Senior-135 McKenzie | Senior-156 McKenzie | Senior-172 McKenzie | Senior-161 McKenzie | Senior-153

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