Colby | Bridal-115

Colby is one of the most stunningly classic beauties you’ll ever see. Her dress complements and showcases the dreams she has had of it since she was a girl and I couldn’t help but notice how she stopped everyone dead in their tracks when they laid eyes on her. Colby is kind, genuine, intelligent, intentional, thoughtful and an incomparable beauty…

Colby | Bridal-9 Colby | Bridal-4 Colby | Bridal-15 Colby | Bridal-85 Colby | Bridal-111 Colby | Bridal-61 Colby | Bridal-133 Colby | Bridal-141 Colby | Bridal-152

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Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-7

These two have to be one of the most fun couples I’ve ever been blessed to work with. It isn’t often that you leave an engagement shoot and your face hurts from smiling so much, but I think I speak for all of their friends and family when I say that this probably happens every time you’re around Nicole and Rusty. I love the way they know the ins and outs of each others quirks, know just how to make each other have a great belly laugh and how those laughs are followed with a kiss and an “I love you.” I love these two…and I think you will too.

Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-2 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-23 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-11 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-17 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-25 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-47 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-39 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-36 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-52 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-59 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-61 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-97 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-86 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-108 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-73 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-114 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-115 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-96 Nicole + Rusty | Engagement-121

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Christy + Josh-24-1

These two. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly special, thoughtful, loving, and wonderful this couple is…I’ll let their spring engagement photos do that for now…

Christy + Josh-28-1 Christy + Josh-25-1 Christy + Josh-14-1 Christy + Josh-18-1 Christy + Josh-37-1 Christy + Josh-5-1 Christy + Josh-43-1 Christy + Josh-10-1 Christy + Josh-2-1

Christy and Josh brought Josh’s grandmothers vintage church pew along for their engagements.  It couldn’t have been a more beautiful tribute to her, or a more perfect addition to their session.

Christy + Josh-61-1 Christy + Josh-50-1 Christy + Josh-80-1 Christy + Josh-76-1 Christy + Josh-59-1 Christy + Josh-69-1 Christy + Josh-85-1 Christy + Josh-75-1 Christy + Josh-61-1 Christy + Josh-84-1 Christy + Josh-81-1 Christy + Josh-56-1 Christy + Josh-90-1 Christy + Josh-92-1 Christy + Josh-98-1 Christy + Josh-104-1 Christy + Josh-108-1 Christy + Josh-106-1 Christy + Josh-112-1 Christy + Josh-113-1 Christy + Josh-117-1 Christy + Josh-130-1

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