Hailee | Senior-74

I am so proud to introduce y’all to Hailee!! This incredibly beautiful girl is graduating from nursing school in a few weeks and she is going to be the best nurse the world has ever seen! The few hours I spent with this incredibly kind girl showed me a few things that make me sure of this. She is intentional, detailed, attentive, kind, generous and thoughtful…my kind of nurse if I do say so myself!! I hope I will never need her help, but I know she will bless a ton of people with her passion for healing the sick with her faith and kindness…

Hailee | Senior-84 Hailee | Senior-31 Hailee | Senior-43 Hailee | Senior-102 Hailee | Senior-110 Hailee | Senior-104 Hailee | Senior-134 Hailee | Senior-112 Hailee | Senior-165 Hailee | Senior-130 Hailee | Senior-167 Hailee | Senior-140 Hailee | Senior-173

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  • Gale Wilson - She’s beautiful! If she needs a job…send her my way. Maybe we could help her out! Love the scripture!ReplyCancel

Lacie is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever known. It’s easy to see why I say that, but until you know her…you have no idea. This girl is a treasure. She is a prize. Her kindness outshines the sun, her joy is infectious and her intention for those she loves is incredible. These things make her more beautiful than you can imagine and it is these exact things that make me sure she is going to be a truly incredible mom!

Her bohemian maternity session is one of my all time favorite photo shoots, I think you’ll see why…

Lacie | Maternity-17 Lacie | Maternity-28 Lacie | Maternity-16 Lacie | Maternity-44 Lacie | Maternity-33 Lacie | Maternity-41 Lacie | Maternity-48 Lacie | Maternity-46 Lacie | Maternity-80 Lacie | Maternity-66 Lacie | Maternity-109 Lacie | Maternity-83 Lacie | Maternity-112 Lacie | Maternity-87 Lacie | Maternity-73 Lacie | Maternity-124 Lacie | Maternity-78 Lacie | Maternity-115 Lacie | Maternity-120 Lacie | Maternity-140 Lacie | Maternity-130 Lacie | Maternity-135 Lacie | Maternity-163 Lacie | Maternity-167 Lacie | Maternity-183 Lacie | Maternity-180 Lacie | Maternity-184 Lacie | Maternity-165 Lacie | Maternity-189 Lacie | Maternity-198 Lacie | Maternity-199 Lacie | Maternity-204

Oh Lacie…you amaze me. Your grace, beauty, kindness and bravery make me so proud. You are going to be such an incredible mom and I cannot wait to meet your gorgeous baby girl! I know she is going to be such a blessing!

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  • Gale Wilson - What a beautiful woman! These photographs were captivating! Each one….amazing!ReplyCancel

Villa Di Felicita Wedding

Weddings like this can make you fall in love all over again. Couples like Rachel and Jon reaffirm your belief in fairy tales and remind you of the best parts of being in love. Jon is more smitten with Rachel than I’ve ever seen a groom be…seeing her in two different wedding gowns sent him over the edge, and confirmed even more for their loved ones that they were always meant to be. Rachel was a vision in her grandmothers gown, almost like it was made for her all of those years ago to begin with…

Completed by a firework show during a lightning storm, the magical moments of this gorgeous day happened with every blink. Their Villa Di Felicita wedding  seemed to  say “happily ever after…” from beginning to end…

IMG_4954 IMG_5169 IMG_5214 IMG_5173 IMG_5184 IMG_5075 IMG_5133 IMG_5429 IMG_5292 IMG_5016 IMG_5282 IMG_5040 IMG_5263 Villa Di Felicita Wedding IMG_5578 IMG_5661 IMG_3929 IMG_5590 IMG_5596 IMG_5625 IMG_5626 IMG_5646 Villa Di Felicita Wedding IMG_5709 IMG_5716 IMG_4050 IMG_5701 IMG_5729 IMG_5438 IMG_5390 IMG_5915 IMG_4943 IMG_5841\
IMG_4117 IMG_5866 IMG_4127 IMG_5814 IMG_5831 IMG_5977

Rachel and Jon decided to do a first look when she changed into her second gown…I’d say that it went over very well…

IMG_5944 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5965 IMG_5970 IMG_5960 IMG_5995 IMG_6027 IMG_6071 IMG_6073 IMG_6164 IMG_6275 IMG_6159 IMG_6482 IMG_6474 IMG_6524 Y84A9676 R+J-2 Y84A9714 IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6573 IMG_6580

Assistant Photographer – Julie Wilmes

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Madison | Senior-38

This girl. I wish I could have had a friend like her back when I was in high school. Madison is kind, funny, smart, thoughtful and encouraging, not to mention how incredibly beautiful she is! I have to pinch myself every time I am reminded that my job is to hang out and photograph such amazing people, and I had to pinch myself hard after this session! I promise, by the end of this blog post, you’ll wish you knew her too, you’re going to love this Class of 2014 Plano East Senior!

Madison | Senior-27 Madison | Senior-1 Madison | Senior-32 Madison | Senior-16 Madison | Senior-10 Madison | Senior-31 Madison | Senior-24 Madison | Senior-25 Madison | Senior-36 Madison | Senior-58 Madison | Senior-73 Madison | Senior-65 Madison | Senior-57 Madison | Senior-50 Madison | Senior-127 Madison | Senior-97 Madison | Senior-113 Madison | Senior-151 Madison | Senior-149 Madison | Senior-135 Madison | Senior-147 Madison | Senior-130 Madison | Senior-133 Madison | Senior-172 Madison | Senior-167 Madison | Senior-159 Madison | Senior-156 Madison | Senior-176 Madison | Senior-174 Madison | Senior-181 Madison | Senior-193 Madison | Senior-196 Madison | Senior-200 Madison | Senior-191

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  • Tami Seknicka - I LOVE her so much. Your words are so kind but so very true. We are blessed to have the Pearson family in our lives.ReplyCancel