Brookhaven Country Club Wedding

I love wind. Wind always signifies change. Springs brightest colors come soon after the gusts of wind come sweeping through, the hardest rains are brought in and swept away to reveal Gods most beautiful sunny days by the wind. Rachel + Bobby’s absolutely gorgeous wedding day was a beautiful, windy day that brought one of life’s most wonderful changes. Hearing “man and wife” is a breath of fresh air when you’re coming off of a long engagement full of “my fiancee’s” and this day was no different. With every detail in place, these two tied the knot and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful Brookhaven Country Club wedding.

IMG_8339 IMG_8647 IMG_8531 IMG_8554 IMG_8583 Brookhaven Country Club Wedding IMG_4969 IMG_8406 IMG_8425 IMG_8517 IMG_4907 IMG_5110 IMG_8872 IMG_5118 IMG_8911 IMG_5183 IMG_8966 Brookhaven Country Club Wedding IMG_8805 IMG_8982 IMG_8917 IMG_5237 Brookhaven Country Club Wedding IMG_9010 IMG_9052 IMG_9039 IMG_9100 IMG_9076 IMG_9091 IMG_9140 IMG_9112 IMG_9150 IMG_9118 Brookhaven Country Club Wedding IMG_9114 IMG_9131 IMG_8722 IMG_8736 IMG_9180 IMG_9290 IMG_9315 IMG_9375 IMG_9513 IMG_9575 IMG_9583

Assistant Photographer – Julie Wilmes

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Rachel | Senior-16

Every once in a while I get to spend time with someone who is so kind, so fun, so genuine that it fills me back up, fills any spots of doubt and makes everything fun. My shoot with Rachel was one of those times. This girl is so special, so beautiful and is a treasure! I am so glad that she asked me to take her senior photos, they couldn’t have turned out more perfectly! Congratulations to all Class of 2014 Flower Mound High School Seniors!

Rachel | Senior-32 Rachel | Senior-12 Rachel | Senior-28 Rachel | Senior-29 Rachel | Senior-79 Rachel | Senior-55 Flower Mound High School Rachel | Senior-49 Rachel | Senior-86 Rachel | Senior-70 Rachel | Senior-88 Flower Mound High School Rachel | Senior-97 Rachel | Senior-93 Rachel | Senior-131 Rachel | Senior-116 Rachel | Senior-129 Flower Mound High School Rachel | Senior-126 Rachel | Senior-137 Rachel | Senior-142 Rachel | Senior-135 Rachel | Senior-155 Rachel | Senior-132 Rachel | Senior-148 Rachel | Senior-160 Rachel | Senior-165 Rachel | Senior-185 Rachel | Senior-157 Rachel | Senior-176 Rachel | Senior-173 Rachel | Senior-181 Flower Mound High School Rachel | Senior-171

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Kelly + John | Wedding-103

You know those days when you just have to stop and breathe it in? The days when you can’t help but take a second to take make a memory and give God a big thank you for his kindness?Kelly and Johns wedding day was one of those days. The forecasted rain stayed away and left us with a gorgeous cool day and the hotel rooftop was the most pleasant of surprises and was the ideal spot for a first look. The “I love you’s” and “congratulations” could be heard nonstop throughout the whole day which set the most perfect stage for an incredible celebration of everyone’s favorite couple. From the florals at the Robert Carr Chapel  to the farewell from the Ashton Depot , this day couldn’t have been more wonderful…

Kelly + John | Wedding-24 Kelly + John | Wedding-17 Kelly + John | Wedding-36 Kelly + John | Wedding-59 Kelly + John | Wedding-61 Kelly + John | Wedding-39 Kelly + John | Wedding-56 Kelly + John | Wedding-182 Kelly + John | Wedding-71 Kelly + John | Wedding-73 Kelly + John | Wedding-76 Kelly + John | Wedding-87 Kelly + John | Wedding-116 Kelly + John | Wedding-143 Kelly + John | Wedding-132 Kelly + John | Wedding-150 Kelly + John | Wedding-130 Kelly + John | Wedding-159 Kelly + John | Wedding-154 Kelly + John | Wedding-183 Kelly + John | Wedding-163 Kelly + John | Wedding-195 Kelly + John | Wedding-202 Kelly + John | Wedding-206 Kelly + John | Wedding-208 Kelly + John | Wedding-215 Kelly + John | Wedding-5 Kelly + John | Wedding-240 Kelly + John | Wedding-299 Kelly + John | Wedding-243 Kelly + John | Wedding-297 Kelly + John | Wedding-6 Kelly + John | Wedding-309 Kelly + John | Wedding-311 Kelly + John | Wedding-328 Kelly + John | Wedding-389 Kelly + John | Wedding-346 Kelly + John | Wedding-466 Kelly + John | Wedding-502 Kelly + John | Wedding-537 Kelly + John | Wedding-526 Kelly + John | Wedding-480 Kelly + John | Wedding-583 Kelly + John | Wedding-584 Kelly + John | Wedding-590 IMG_2931 Kelly + John | Wedding-595 Kelly + John | Wedding-684 Kelly + John | Wedding-687 Kelly + John | Wedding-620 Kelly + John | Wedding-594 Kelly + John | Wedding-822 Kelly + John | Wedding-895 Kelly + John | Wedding-899 Kelly + John | Wedding-904 Kelly + John | Wedding-907

Wedding Planning – Sarabeth Events

Ceremony Venue – Robert Carr Chapel

Reception Venue – The Ashton Depot

Gown – Custom gown made by grooms mom

Make up and Hair – Erin Blair

Florals – Branching Out

Vintage Car – My vintage Limo

DJ- Simply Music

Cake – Creme De La Creme

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  • Alison Amaro - I can’t believe her gown was custom made by his mom!! It is GORGEOUS! Honestly awed…ReplyCancel

Anna | Senior-14

This girl.

Everyone, meet Anna, an incredible Rockwall Senior of 2014! One of the most sincere, honest, driven and intelligent girls I’ve ever met. Oh! And she is absolutely stunning. No big deal, she is just the complete package (literally)!  Anna is a world changer. I am fully expectant of seeing her do HUGE things. The kind of things where the world takes notice and wonders “who is that girl?!”

I am better for knowing this beautiful girl. And if I know anything, I know you’ll all wish you could know her too by the end of this post.

Anna | Senior-42 Anna | Senior-43 rockwall senior Anna | Senior-32 Anna | Senior-24 Anna | Senior-52 Anna | Senior-44

Anna | Senior-64 Anna | Senior-2 Anna | Senior-63 rockwall senior Anna | Senior-58 Anna | Senior-33 Anna | Senior-51 Anna | Senior-11

rockwall senior Anna | Senior-34 Anna | Senior-15 20

Anna | Senior-13 Anna | Senior-62 Anna | Senior-45

rockwall senior Anna | Senior-108 Anna | Senior-102 Anna | Senior-97 Anna | Senior-91 Anna | Senior-90 Anna | Senior-105 Anna | Senior-79 Anna | Senior-78 Anna | Senior-67 Anna | Senior-123 Anna | Senior-125 Anna | Senior-144 Anna | Senior-128 Anna | Senior-119 Anna | Senior-142 Anna | Senior-115 Anna | Senior-138

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