2014 Plano East SeniorEvery once in a while you meet someone like Yvan. It isn’t an occurrence that happens often because I can count on one hand the number of people I know who shine like Yvan does. She is joyful beyond compare, more creative than Martha, too kind to believe it, so genuine you have to, and talented in everything she puts her mind to. She makes everyone she loves feel valued and THAT is what is so special about Yvan. I am better because I know her and am so thankful that she found her way to me. Austin, prepare yourself…this 2014 Plano East Senior is headed to UT in the fall and I don’t think you will ever be the same (for the best of course!)

1 Yvan | February Senior-29 Yvan | February Senior-38 2014 Plano East Senior 3 2014 Plano East Senior 2 Yvan | February Senior-57 2014 Plano East Senior Yvan | February Senior-63 Yvan | February Senior-65 Yvan | February Senior-72 Yvan | February Senior-85 4 Yvan | February Senior-100

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  • Sarah Foss - Seriously, she is gorgeous. && you are incredibly amazing at what you do. Beautiful set!ReplyCancel

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Christen + Garyn | Proposal-32

“I can’t believe it. Am I dreaming? I need a second.” Christen was completely taken back once the reality began to set in that the love of her life had just asked “Will you marry me?” From the tips of her toes to the top of her head, Christen radiated pure joy and Garyn couldn’t keep a goofy grin off of his face, or his eyes off of his bride to be. He had planned this day for quite some time, and she had been dreaming of it for even longer. It was truly magical, from the small details to the most important one of all (wait till you see that ring!), Garyn couldn’t have done a better job in showing honor to his future bride at this perfect Lake Grapevine proposal.

There are so many special moments that will happen in-between the words, “yes!” and “I do.” But this one, this is probably my favorite. Love, in its best form, puts on a show. The anticipation of waiting for the question quickly fades, and the longing for being announced as “Mr. and Mrs.” begins to set in. Joy is at strongest, and happiness radiates through every gesture, word and glance. Proposals are the best.

Christen + Garyn | Proposal-3 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-38 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-106 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-44 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-43 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-56 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-75 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-70 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-14 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-100 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-78 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-97 Christen + Garyn | Proposal-101

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Kim + Paul | Engaged-26

There are a few things I know about love to be true. It can hit you when you least expect it. It meets you where you are, and finds you when you run. It knows how to make your heart smile, and bring out the deepest belly laughs. It makes dreams realities, and dares you to dream bigger so it can show off again. Kim + Paul are the perfect example of love like this. Spending time with them leaves you with a smile on your face, refreshed from their playful conversation and sweet glances. Even more than this, they bring out the best in each other and they aren’t afraid to dream big together. When Kim and I were building a dream plan for their session, she came out of the gates with the absolute best ideas and all I had to do was sit back and say “YES. Definitely, YES!” Knowing that Paul would not only support her dream for this session, but love it just as much as she kim, made it that much more magical. I adore my clients who aren’t afraid to go outside of the lines and live out what they love with who they love. Kim + Paul love all things outdoors, camping, campfires, lakes…you name it…this was our try at honoring that part of their story with a Cedar Hill State Park engagement session.

Kim + Paul | Engaged-6 Kim + Paul | Engaged-3 Kim + Paul | Engaged-32 Kim + Paul | Engaged-22 Kim + Paul | Engaged-13 Kim + Paul | Engaged-14 Kim + Paul | Engaged-41 Kim + Paul | Engaged-35 Kim + Paul | Engaged-43 Kim + Paul | Engaged-52 Kim + Paul | Engaged-62 Kim + Paul | Engaged-79 Kim + Paul | Engaged-66 Kim + Paul | Engaged-78 Kim + Paul | Engaged-58 Kim + Paul | Engaged-67 Kim + Paul | Engaged-70 Kim + Paul | Engaged-82 Kim + Paul | Engaged-94 Kim + Paul | Engaged-88 Kim + Paul | Engaged-90 Kim + Paul | Engaged-100 Kim + Paul | Engaged-93 Kim + Paul | Engaged-114 Kim + Paul | Engaged-103 Kim + Paul | Engaged-121 Kim + Paul | Engaged-135 Kim + Paul | Engaged-139 Kim + Paul | Engaged-155 Kim + Paul | Engaged-147 Kim + Paul | Engaged-158 Kim + Paul | Engaged-161 Kim + Paul | Engaged-162 Kim + Paul | Engaged-168 Kim + Paul | Engaged-181 Kim + Paul | Engaged-176

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Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-137

Describing how precious Holly + Paden is difficult. I don’t think there are enough words to truly tell you how much of a blessing these two are to everyone they meet. Time spent with them leaves you thankful to know them, reassured in who you are, and honestly, a little jealous of how cute they are. Holly was the bride that frequently told her bridesmaids and friends “you look so beautiful today!”….on HER wedding day. Without a second thought, she showered her loved ones with thankfulness and kindness, a true treasure if I ever did see one. Paden treats Holly like the prize she is, he covers her in love, reminding her how much he cherishes her. He can be found reassuring his friends of how happy he is to know them, and giving his a mom an extra squeeze to remind her how much he loves her. Michael and I are better people for knowing Holly + Paden, and I know that every single person who knows them would echo that sentiment.

As if describing them wasn’t hard enough, trying to put their stunning wedding at Piazza In The Village into words would prove to be equally impossible, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-109 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-126 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-123 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-105 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-150 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-132 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-145 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-107 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-141 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-139 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-176 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-194 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-237 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-202 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-239 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-157 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-250 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-201 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-414 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-419 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-428 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-442 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-461 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-474 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-486 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-365 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-363 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-591 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-602 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-614 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-625-3 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-633-2 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-642 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-660 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-703 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-781 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-835 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-846 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-959 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-976 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1006 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-568 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-570 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-900 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1059 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1063 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1070 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1080 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1111 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1117 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1121 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1123 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1130 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1133 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1141 Mr. + Mrs. Busboom-1171

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