A+G | Engaged-58

I’ve never done an engagement session 1 week before a wedding…I wish I could do them this close to the big day ALL the time! Never has my job been more easy…with only 7 short days before Angela and Gary became man and wife, Gary was happy to keep our countdown up to date. “6 days and 23 hours”, he said as we left the session at Arbor Hills. I can’t get enough of how much these two love each other. They are such an incredible match and Gods hand in their relationship is evident, my favorite. They tied the knot last weekend, and it could not have been a more perfect celebration of their relationship, I can’t wait to share it! Until then…

A+G | Engaged-21 A+G | Engaged-31 A+G | Engaged-7 A+G | Engaged-18 A+G | Engaged-4 A+G | Engaged-38 A+G | Engaged-48 A+G | Engaged-23 A+G | Engaged-70 A+G | Engaged-75 A+G | Engaged-71 A+G | Engaged-90 A+G | Engaged-50 A+G | Engaged-81

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J+C | Engaged-57

Prepare to fall in love with Jourdin + Chris. Easy going love doesn’t come around very often, and theirs is as easy as it gets. Hands meet effortlessly, Jourdins head finds Chris’ chest as naturally as her hearts knows to beat, and they can’t speak enough wonderful things about one another. Spending time with them at and around Craft and Growler was such a treat and I can’t wait for their wedding day!

J+C | Engaged-62 J+C | Engaged-55 J+C | Engaged-78 J+C | Engaged-66 J+C | Engaged-73 J+C | Engaged-50 J+C | Engaged-39 J+C | Engaged-16 J+C | Engaged-11 J+C | Engaged-31 J+C | Engaged-3 J+C | Engaged-4 J+C | Engaged-1 J+C | Engaged-95 J+C | Engaged-85 J+C | Engaged-87 J+C | Engaged-83 J+C | Engaged-119 J+C | Engaged-116 J+C | Engaged-104 J+C | Engaged-98 J+C | Engaged-109 J+C | Engaged-121 J+C | Engaged-106 J+C | Engaged-108 J+C | Engaged-141 J+C | Engaged-150 J+C | Engaged-124 J+C | Engaged-134 J+C | Engaged-118

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B+D | Wedding-243

I have a soft spot in my heart for rainy day wedding couples. Even more though, I adore a couple that loves each other fully, freely and well. Their wedding at The Little Chapel In The Woods was perfect, every rain drop felt like a shower from The Lord in agreement with their marriage, and Michael and I couldn’t have been more blessed to be a part. They affirm their love to each other frequently, with out hesitation. They brag on on another openly and honestly, and they truly put the other before themselves. Photographing them is always easy because joy comes along with love like theirs…

B+D | Wedding-66 B+D | Wedding-63 B+D | Wedding-56 B+D | Wedding-6 B+D | Wedding-15 B+D | Wedding-2 B+D | Wedding-24 B+D | Wedding-125 B+D | Wedding-167 B+D | Wedding-127 B+D | Wedding-171 B+D | Wedding-181 B+D | Wedding-221 B+D | Wedding-228 B+D | Wedding-235 B+D | Wedding-239 B+D | Wedding-266 B+D | Wedding-285 B+D | Wedding-332 B+D | Wedding-281 B+D | Wedding-327 B+D | Wedding-321 B+D | Wedding-307 B+D | Wedding-311 B+D | Wedding-268 B+D | Wedding-341 B+D | Wedding-301 B+D | Wedding-334 B+D | Wedding-283 B+D | Wedding-233 B+D | Wedding-383 B+D | Wedding-367 B+D | Wedding-471 B+D | Wedding-491 B+D | Wedding-661 B+D | Wedding-681 B+D | Wedding-721 B+D | Wedding-662 B+D | Wedding-368 B+D | Wedding-635 B+D | Wedding-639 B+D | Wedding-732 B+D | Wedding-741 B+D | Wedding-648 1

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Colby + Brad-12

I can’t get enough of these two. Colby and Brad are a huge blessing to everyone they meet, and I’m beyond honored to be their photographer. I’ll go into more detail of their wonderful love story when their wedding hits the blog, but until then, I’ll let you fall in love with them and their Trinity Park engagement on your own…

Colby + Brad-2 Colby + Brad-46 Colby + Brad-11 Colby + Brad-19 Colby + Brad-54 Colby + Brad-17 Colby + Brad-23 Colby + Brad-42 Colby + Brad-60 Trinity Park Engagement Colby + Brad-36 Colby + Brad-61 Colby + Brad-58 Trinity Park Engagement Colby + Brad-69 Trinity Park Engagement Colby + Brad-99 Colby + Brad-84 Colby + Brad-103 Colby + Brad-105 Colby + Brad-109 Colby + Brad-127 Colby + Brad-120 Trinity Park Engagement

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White Rock Lake

You’ll remember this gorgeous girl from the other half of her senior portrait session. You know, the one where she was the prettiest ballerina you’ve ever seen, demonstrating perfect ballet poise on a frozen dock of White Rock Lake? It takes someone special to look beautiful in photos in 32 degree weather, it takes an extraordinary girl to look like an ice princess for 45 minutes, thaw, and then turn into a J. Crew model before your eyes. Nicole is going to Baylor University next year and I couldn’t be more proud or excited for her if I tried. She is one the most kind, sincere, thoughtful, hard working and compassionate people I’ve ever been blessed to know and I count myself incredibly blessed to call her my friend.

IMG_9167 IMG_0123 White Rock Lake IMG_0036 IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0114 IMG_9993 IMG_9961 IMG_9135 IMG_9138 IMG_0152 IMG_9889 IMG_0081 IMG_0122 IMG_9990 IMG_9121 IMG_9149 IMG_0086 IMG_9892 IMG_0005 White Rock Lake

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