I love this family! We had SO MUCH FUN during this shoot! They are just too precious! Can’t wait to share the rest!

Krissy and Kyle…I just adore you! These two love birds are absolutely wonderful! We shared an afternoon of adventures that i absolutely can’t wait to share with you!!

Meet Kari and Evan! These two are so wonderful! I can’t wait to tell you all about how much fun we had on our shoot! But lets just say…we met someone famous. and awesome while we were out.

And…Do you remember the time I introduced you to two of my best friends? Or the time I took fake engagement pictures? Well! Here they are! And here’s the beginning of the real engagements!

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You remember Katie and Tanner right? Of course you do! They’re only one of the cutest couples of all time! Ali and I got to go down to Houston a few Saturdays ago to shoot their GORGEOUS wedding. Seriously. STUNNING! Here’s a little sneak peek!

Meet Erin and Jonathan. Two of the smartest people I’ve ever met. These two are SO MUCH FUN! We had such a good time on their engagement shoot! Can’t wait to share the rest with you!

And last but not least…meet Lindsey and Garrett! Lindsey and I know each other from my random year of being an Oklahoma citizen and I can’t tell you how fun it was to catch up! These two are incredible! We had such a fun time!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I am so excited to have a break from the real world!!! Wonderful!!!

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It was the summer before my sophomore year of college. Life had brought many circumstances along my way, one of them being the need for a room mate to fill out our 6 person town home. After tireless searching, I’ll never forget the Facebook conversations that would lead to an incredible room mate, and before I knew it, a best friend. Little did I know, this blessing of friendship with Lauren would also lead to an incredible group of friends whom I love and will never take for granted.

Brittany, our oh so enchanting bride, is Lauren’s twin sister. You would never guess that they are twins, the only features they have in common is that all of their features are flawless. One could never mistake that they are sisters though, these two share a bond that nothing could shake. Brittany is the loving one. She was born a mom, who has others interests at heart at all time, and does not know how to be anything but an example of unconditional love. She knows exactly how to love the people around her, and we all miss her when she’s not at one of our little friend gatherings. Its like an incomplete puzzle when she’s missing…she can’t help it that she is such a big piece. I knew the moment I met “Bert” that the man she would marry would top them all. I also knew that she would be an absolutely breath taking bride. I was right. About both.

Shaun is a piece of work. I have never met someone with so much confidence in my life. I have also never met someone who balances their integrity so well with their confidence. I had heard stories about him throughout my freshman and sophomore year, but had no idea what I had coming. Shaun’s personality is one of those that your favorite movie is based off of. He is one of those guys who leaves you voicemails in funny voices just because it will brighten your day. I knew he and Brittany were made for each other when Shaun decided to woo her while she was in Japan on Valentines day. He wrote a rap and made a music video just for Bert. His “V-day felt like D-day without her”, and we were all smitten, waiting for Bert to come home so he could propose and we could all get to wedding planning! Luckily, we wouldn’t have to wait too long…

Berts dress was INCREDIBLE. It was a two piece gown, the skirted part was detachable for the transition from ceremony to reception. How awesome is that?! Heres the cute little dress that hides underneath the skirt!

In classic Lo and Bert form, they primped each other for the big day. Such sweet moments between these two beautiful sisters.

Their gorgeous mom,”Mo”, as we affectionately call her, jumped in on the action and Lo did her hair.

Shaun tried to fool us with his “I’m not nervous attitude” but we all saw right through it. I’ve never seen him so excited.

I told you I was right. Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

Sometimes moments catch you off guard. This moment gets me every time. Ill never forget when “Po” came through that door to see Brittany for the first time.

Both Shaun and Brittany’s dads were outside during our time with the guys…so naturally, I HAD to thrown them in for a picture. I mean…come on.

The ceremony began..and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Look for yourself.

Let the good times begin! Bert and Shaun had an incredible band! Cuvee was AWESOME!

Somehow, Journey always brings out the best in people…

I love you guys!!! I am just so blessed to be a part of your lives…I can’t wait to see the journey the Lord has laid out for you!

Family and friends! To see the whole wedding and maybe even grab a couple prints for your fridge check them out by clicking here!

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The clouds broke 5 minutes after the beautiful couple drove away in their glamorous cadillac. The clouds were raining, no, pouring down, almost as if they had held in their drops all day and decided to break so they could celebrate too. The beautiful guests began to disperse as quickly and carefully as they could, and covering their heads with whatever they could, trash bags and wedding programs included. People say that rain is good luck on your wedding day you know.

These two deserve all of the luck in the world. They met in junior high and have dated ever since. Talk about dedication and steadfast love. I think I speak for their friends and family when I say, finally! We couldn’t be more happy that the big day finally came!

Adorned in beautiful dresses, the bridesmaids greeted me upstairs. I entered to find a bride in waiting. Sitting calmly, helping with her bridesmaids hair and makeup. Sherry could not have been any more cool, calm, or collected. She was perfect. I envy this kind of composure.

Darrell, in his usual fashion, was running around, making sure the details were just so. You see, this is Darrells way. This is his calm, cool and collected. If he is not planning and organizing, then you have clearance to worry about him.

I could not have asked for a more joyful wedding. Their guests know how to party! The traditional dances were laced with some of the best dance moves I have ever seen, and the music had overtones of joyous yelling in affirmation of the happy occasion. This wedding was. so. much. fun.

Sherry had not only one GORGEOUS gown, but two! One for the ceremony, and another for the reception of course! I’m obsessed with both of them.

The flowers were beautifully trimmed with fall colors and hues. They smelled divine.

Is she not stunning? Absolutely breath taking.

I am always thrilled when a couple opts to do a first look! Darrell and Sherry were no exception! Love these!

Really guys? Wow. Leave some pretty for the rest of the world.

Sherry’s 3 beautiful rings.

I can’t blame the guests for their excitement as Sherry walked down the aisle, or their need to capture her beauty for themselves. Love this shot! Oh, and check out Sherry’s dad! He is such a proud father!

Like I said before. Some of the best dances. EVER.

Congratulations!!! And happy late birthday Sherry! I can not thank you guys enough for letting me share your day with you! It was flawless!

Friends and family, to see more of the beautiful wedding and grab a couple pictures of your own, click here!

And thank you, as always, to my lovely second shooter Ali Marie!

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There are some people who can make a stranger laugh without lifting a finger. Jonathan and Sarah…are two of those people. They are the people who you can’t wait to be around and miss as soon as you begin to drive away. They are the kind of people that once you become friends, you cant help but admit that you’re addicted to them.

Sarah and Jonathan have been friends for quite some time. They never thought of each other to ever be anything more than friends…funny friends. And then Jonathan began to fall in love. After much prayer and fasting, he knew that Sarah was going to be much more than the friend she had always been. And this, led to their beautiful wedding day.

We share an affinity for fajitas, cupcakes, corn mazes and college football, and I absolutely cannot wait to see them again! These two have so much hope and joy in who the Lord has made them separately, and now who He has blessed them to be together. I hope you love these as much as I do!

It took Sarah a few dresses to get this one…I am so glad she was persistent. I LOVE this dress!

As you can see…Sarah is just as I described. Foot loose and fancy free!

Jonathan’s incredible grand father walked Sarah down the aisle. He spoke some of the most profound words over them right before he gave her away. He is a man of God, and the Lord used him that day. Probably the best giving away of the bride of all time.

Check out the flower girl and her mom. hahaha

Oh em gee. Married hotties!

Congratulations you guys! Thank you again for trusting me with such a big responsibility on your big day!!

Thank you Ali Marie for your lovely second shooting!

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