Dr. Taylor was the best dentist of all time. From a very young age, I remember walking into his office, taking a seat in the multi colored hard plastic bowl shaped chairs in the waiting room that smelled like fluoride and waiting for the nurse in animal clad scrubs to call my name. I loved going to the dentist. Maybe not the whole, dig in my mouth thing. But the get a rockin sticker, and a toy OR a piece of candy thing…yes please. I always hated that OR thing though. Give me both! I guess I was a little greedy…and I will admit…I may have stolen a piece of candy a few times. Sorry Mom.

Growing up, my brother was always the organized one. He was the one who made straight A’s, whose room was always tidy and always had things together. Today, things are only slightly different. My persistence of free willed, disorganization and natural love for a little bit of chaos rubbed off in the smallest of ways during my 21 years of life, and today, he is quite the big brother. I have always loved my brother, he never treated me like my friends brothers. Never hitting me, or playing tricks on me, “Brother” as I affectionately call him, always seemed to understand me, and we have always been good friends.

Now he is in his second year at Baylor Medical and is going strong on his journey toward being a dentist! (He will probably be better than Dr. Taylor but…we’ll see!) And yesterday, I got to drive downtown to the Baylor Medical Institute to have my teeth cleaned by Brother! I arrived early, like a good patient, and quickly realized that that building is SO OLD! It might as well be crumbling underneath their feet…but before I could get that far in my thought process, there were a ton of interns in scrubs swarming around me and I heard myself just hoping my dreams had come true. Was I really in a taping of Greys Anatomy? Where in the world was McDreamy? And why wasn’t Doctor Bailey yelling at me?! (I love her) After 25 minutes of living in dreamland, my brother came for me. (Already making patients wait) and we went back for my cleaning. He did such a great job. My teeth are still squeeking!! He,like always, was very thorough, and did his work to the best of his ability. And as my fluoride was setting, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly proud of my brother. He is going to be a great doctor.

And then…I went to the lab. And we made…teeth or something. Luckily for me, my iphone takes decent pictures, because I knew I had to share this experience with you guys! I don’t really know what we were doing…but I loaded that green gunk into the gun for him in the 4th picture for him. Which makes me an honorary dentist. ๐Ÿ™‚

After all was said and done I accompanied him to have all of his beautiful curls chopped off of his head ๐Ÿ™ … naturally I was sad, but dinner at La Duni and shopping at North Park, provided a perfectly silver lining. The enchilda suizas were wonderful, as usual, and Madewell provided the cutest clothes imaginable, as usual. Seriously. Check out the vest I got for 20 bucks! Not to mention the two tank tops I got for 2 bucks a piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love having my family so close to me. 45 minutes will never seem to far away to be surrounded by people who love you. And Brother, I’m always up for a teeth cleaning, tooth making, hair cut and a trip to La Duni and North Park. Love you!

Oh! And for all of those wondering where the pictures are…they’re on their way! We have 4 weddings, a few bridals, a lot of engagements and a family shoot headed your way within the next 3 weeks!

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Everyone loves a little good music. Am I right? Or am I right? Well! Let me tell you a little something. My friends are some of the most talented musicians you will ever come across and I can prove it!

Tonight was the CD release party of Shady Groves latest project “Step Inside Here”. If you remember, I had a post not too long ago for another CD they release by Stevan Parra, and if you haven’t checked that out…you should!

Not only was tonight one of the best nights of worship I have had in a long time, but I was just blown back by how blessed my friends are with the gift of worship and music skills. There were some of those moments where your mind just turns off and you feel speechless. Some of those moments where all your heart and soul can do is soak it in…those happened tonight. This CD is such an incredible testimony to the power of worship and the gifting the Lord has laid on these incredible people. I had the great honor to do back ground vocals for the album ๐Ÿ™‚ and feel so blessed to play a small part in such a great and worthy opportunity! So I urge you, I beckon you, I beg you…go check this out. Even if it’s just to prove me wrong. You will not be disappointed!

All of the songs are wonderful but I feel the urge to give a shout out to my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Rain Down (performed by my wonderful friend and worship leading partner on sundays) – Austin Benjamin just sounds so great on this one.

2. Beautiful is He (written by Stevan Parra) – This song is powerful. Prepare yourself. And…Christina Smith just sings it like an angel.

3. Step Inside Here – This song just rocks. Thats all.

4. Your Love is Better (performed by the one and only Lauren Dunn and written by the incredible Grayson Belvin) – Be ready to fall in love. Beautifully written, performed and orchestrated. The words are so true.


Buy it on itunes NOW! I will even give you a link…here ya go! ๐Ÿ™‚

And as if the night couldn’t get any better… Doug Burr performed at the after party. This guy is awesome!!! If you haven’t ever heard him…you need to. Like now. He is such a talented writer, and his music is so soothing! Love his style so much. You will too!

Oh! AND! There was a button maker there…so naturally…Michael and I had one made! Unfortunately, my natural smile is large on its own, which doesn’t bode well for fake smile pictures and such. Sorry I can’t do cool cheesy faces Michael. (please excuse my hair. thank you.)

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  • Gale Wilson - I was there! It was amazing! The musicians are talented however they love the Lord beyond their giftedness and this is why it is beyond special… PROFOUND.ReplyCancel

There it was. A yellow jeep. Trying to be cooler than my red one, and then I knew. I knew I had to meet the owner of the cool car wanna be. Little did I know, after 3 and a half years, the owner of said car would become one of my best friends! Jacob has become like my little brother. Even though he is obviously older than me. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve been through some crazy things in our friendship and the reason for this post tops them all!

I’ll never forget it. We were standing in a group of people, waiting to start a game of midnight run, and Sasha and I became immediate friends. On the heels of a break up, Sasha already knew exactly how to affirm me. 5 minutes into our conversation, I knew we would be great friends. Sasha has been one of the best friends any one could ask for. She always knows how to call me out without crushing my spirit, and how to love me without smothering me. I am so excited about this big step my two friends are about to take!

Jacob called me late one Sunday, wanting to plot and scheme the best scam of all time. He knew we had to fake some kind of photoshoot to throw Sasha off of the “proposal scent”. She is quite intuitive…but mostly nosey and was getting a little to close for Jacobs comfort! So, in an effort to help the situation, I made up a lie. Unfortunately, I am a horrible liar. Fortunately, I have never lied to Sasha and she went for it.

We told her that I had a “high profile client” that was quite demanding and beginning to freak me out. So, naturally, I needed to do a practice shoot at the location my detailed clients wanted to have their engagement session done. Sasha naturally obliged. Here are some of my favorites from our fun afternoon together about two weeks ago. Sorry for the delay ๐Ÿ™‚

Jacob and Sasha at their finest. Good looking and…a little odd.

Pay close attention to Jacob in these photos. You can see just how anxious he is to propose in a few hours! Look how sweetly he is admiring his soon to be fiance! I LOVE IT!

When Sasha wasn’t looking, Jacob would dance, jump up and down and shake his booty at her. The whole time, mouthing the words

“She has no idea! I am so excited! AHH!”

Jacob took Sasha for an “impromptu” dinner at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. And by the time desert came around, Ali and I had nearly ruined the proposal a million times. Luckily…and thankfully we didn’t.

I love you guys!!!


Just when Sasha thought the day couldn’t get any better, or more confusing, Jacob surprised her with a party at our friend Lukes house! There must have been 50 people there! Sasha began to bawl…again. And then just about passed out when she saw that her friends from Florida had driven all the way to make the surprise that much sweeter!

Congratulations you two! I can’t wait for the big day!

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The sun was starting to set in its “I only surprise the world by being this beautiful a few times a month” kind of way as I pulled into the parking lot at the South Side building to meet Nathanial and Lindsey. As soon as I saw their faces, I knew they were as excited as I was for the hours ahead of us! Nathanial graciously bought me a yummy iced mocha coffee with 2 splendas (the only way to have it) from Opening Bell Coffee House, and we walked around the property getting creative ideas and talking about the big day!

When I asked how their relationship began, even though I feel like I should have known the answer to that a long time ago, Lindsey laughed and Nathanial gave her the “you should probably tell her” look. As it turns out, Lindsey started coming around Nathanials group of friends solely because she was actually interested in his room mate. Nathanial then rejoiced in telling me that when he found out that she and his room mate weren’t going to work out, he knew it was his opportunity to swoop in! So, he did! And the rest is history!

These two are tying the knot on March 18th and I am already so giddy with excitement! There really is no feeling like capturing a friends big day! All of that being said, here are some of my favorite pictures of all time, of two beautiful people!

You would be surprised to know that the majority of Dallas drivers have a lot of courtesy for photography! Even though we were definitely wanting them to keep driving for this shot, they insisted on slowing down and even stopping from time to time! HAHA!

Nathanial could not be more proud of his gorgeous fiance!

I love how easily a couple in love can become intwined within one another.

Hello gorgeous!!!

Seriously Lindsey. Wow. You are breath taking!

These two are the perfect compliment for one another. They are completely at peace when they are together, and when they touch, you heart cant help but flutter with the excess of pure love they share for one another.

Lindsey picked out their perfect outfits! Look how well they match the building! I don’t know if that was intentional but…I love it!

Umm…hello gorgeous ring! Good job Nathanial!

Love you guys! I am absolutely ecstatic about the big day!!!

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  • Lindsey - Jenn, I could not ask for more perfect pictures. You are truly gifted. Thank you so much again for everything. Can’t wait for the wedding pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Lancaster - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!
    What beautiful friends i have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Nathanial Sullivan - I was so close to having a mysterious model face a few times!!! Next time…..MAGNUMReplyCancel

  • Lora McCawley - Jennefer: You have done a beautiful job capturing the love these two have for each other. Thank you so much! I ABSOLUTELY love the pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Paula Shepherd - Jennifer! These photographs are absolutely fabulous and unique!! Thank you for capturing a very special tiime in the lives of my beautiful niece and her equally FAB soon to be hubby!!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey + Nathanial | Married! » Jennefer Wilson Photography - […] Engagement session throwback. She just rocks it so well! Sigh to the nth degree. […]ReplyCancel

I love weddings for many reasons. One of them being, that I can finally share the bridal portraits as soon as they say “I do!” My feelings were no different in Sherry’s case. In fact, I’ve been anticipating this blog post for so long that I have had it ready to go for about a month!

We headed out the the gorgeous Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens on a beautiful September day. Sherry put on her GORGEOUS Midgley Sottero gown, and wowed us all when she came outside! I’m sure she will wow you all as well!

Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?

I am absolutely in love with this shot! It takes my breath away every time!

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  • Julie - Jenny, these pictures are amazing! Sherry looks so beautiful in the gown, great job!ReplyCancel