Austin and Jordan are such a beautiful couple! I’m sure you’ll realize that on your own here in a few seconds…but I had to say it! Austin loves Jordan so much I can hardly stand it, but also so much you just can’t help but obsess about how great they are for each other! Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous! They tied the knot at the Dallas Baptist University chapel and had their reception there as well! Their flowers we laced with lavender, which made the chapel and reception smell heavenly! Ali and I had too much fun with the boys, as I’m sure you’ll see! And I captured one of my favorite “getting ready” bridal shots! Jordan is flawless!! Enough chit chat! Here it goes!

My trusted assistant Ali of the newly launched Ali Marie Photography snapped the picture on the left right before Jordan headed down the aisle! Way to go Ali! I LOVE this shot!

These boys are too silly! They loved these dog sculptures in the grooms room so much! Maybe a little too much!

Is she not one of the most beautiful brides you have ever seen?!

These birds flew over head during the reception! “V” for victory I guess! But I just thought of luck and best wishes!

God decided to end the night with a beautiful display, so we had to take advantage! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of such a wonderful day!!! You two are absolutely incredible!

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  • Gale Wilson - I am sitting here…crying! Absolutely beautiful wedding! The birds flying over could also symbolize unity and team work….ReplyCancel

I can not say enough about these two! I just adore them! We had such a blast on our fall themed engagement shoot with an OU twist! Sarah thought it would be really fun to do our shoot @ a pumpkin patch to fit with their fall wedding and she couldn’t have been more correct! There were thousands of pumpkins, awesome italian lights and a corn maze!!! Although I don’t think I’ll ever do a shoot in a corn maze ever again (more on that later), I don’t regret doing it at all! Here they are!

After some pumpkin fun we decided to hit the maze! Much to our surprise…this maze had more in store for us than we anticipated!

We got lost…a lot. And made it out about an hour and a half later! haha wow!

I can’t wait till your wedding this weekend you two!!

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It’s finally here and oh my gosh, am I excited! This things is AMAZING! I couldn’t be more please with it! KISS did such a wonderful job!

As a photographer, you always have those moments of uncertainty about prints, ” I hope they look ok, what if they’re too dark, or blurry?” So naturally, when I picked up the album from the mail room, I was a little anxious! But then, glory happened. Every little step of opening the box (as you’ll see in the pictures) was awesome! Even in packaging, they took so much care for my little album! (Not to mention the whole ordering process was fantastic! Then the moment of truth arrived, the first picture! IT WAS PERFECT! then the second, third, fourth…all the way to the 40th followed suit! I love this company!

Anywho, heres a look at the 8×8 linen album. They are offered in 4×4, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 in linen or leather AND in many colors! These are now my little pride and joys of my business and I can’t wait til someone orders another one! WOO-HOO!

I have to keep the inside of the book under-wraps, bridals have to remain a secret till the big day! But here’s the outside!!

I LOVE all of the detail work and love they put into their packaging!

And look at how thick these pages are! Basically indestructible! The leather books pages are 2 times this thick too!

I love these! You will too! But first…you have to order one! 🙂

Here are the color swatches!

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In tribute to todays red river rivalry…I thought I would post a half time teaser! Here’s a little preview of a fun engagement shoot on the way! Our groom to be is a die hard OU fan, which was honestly, a little out of my skill set, seeing that my dad has burnt orange blood running through his veins. BUT we had such an incredible time! I LOVE these two! Here’s a idea we had a lot of fun with thanks to Sprinkles Cupcakes! (only the best cupcakes ever!) Enjoy! More to come very soon!

And for the sake of luck…and the current score…and family…HOOK EM HORNS!!
…please play better in the second half 🙂

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  • Gale Wilson - Jennefer! This is way too cute! Texas almost came back! The guys look like they are playing way too tight and confused. My heart goes out to them.ReplyCancel

  • Connie Bishop - This is a cute idea Jennefer!! Like I said….this might well be your creative side….I love the pictures you take! Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough for the horns, but I bet they will come back better next time! : )ReplyCancel

Where do I begin with these two?! The three of us worked at Pine Cove Outback together and the minute all of us began to notice that these two had something going on…we all knew it. We all knew that they were meant to be together. I remember telling Tanner to tell Katie how he felt as we washed dishes in the back of the kitchen, and I also remember all of the times he and the guys discussed how getting married quickly after you meet someone was something they would “never do!” Lies lies lies. Obviously!

Anyway, I count myself so blessed to be a part of their lives right now. They are so in love with each other and with the Lord, I can’t even stand it! It is so wonderful when you can see the love of the Lord so evidently in a relationship, and theirs is a prime example of that! So! Here’s my favorites from our shoot! Who knew the little town of Aledo had so much to offer us?! We had such a blast with you two! I can’t wait for the big day!!!

Aren’t they adorable?! AH!

They didn’t ask me to edit this one…but I HAD to! HAHA! Love this so much!

Tanner is so proud of his beautiful soon to be wife! It’s written all over his face!
Katie is absolutely stunning in these two black and white images. Beautiful!!

I can’t wait for the bridals and wedding! I love these two so much…I don’t even know how to express how excited I am! I love you guys!

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